Business Tax Relief

We have over 37 years of experience assisting business owners with tax issues.

If you own or operate a business in California, you are subject to a whole set of complicated tax laws that private individuals are not. It’s never easy to be a business owner, but when it comes to financial and IRS issues, the stress may be too much to bear. Thankfully, Corey Tax Consultants are here to help. We have over 37 years of experience assisting business owners with all these tax problems. Our team of expert tax consultants are well versed in business tax law and corporate law and can help you keep your company operating within legal and tax bounds. Whether your business is small or large, it’s critical that you stay on top of your business tax problems, so you can enjoy sustainable profits for many years to come. 

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Our team of competent and friendly tax consultant professionals is here to answer all your questions in the following areas:

Tax Preparation

Our team will assist in filing “C” Corporations’ Tax Return Form 1120, “S” Corporations’ Tax Return Form 1120S, and Partnership Tax Return form 1065.
IRS Audits and Appeals

IRS audits are can be nerve-racking; let us help you with the auditor if timely requested in appealing the audit.
Tax Liens, Levies, and Property Seizures

As with individuals, a business can be subject to tax liens, levies, and seizures of the company’s properties with potentially devastating results.
Payroll Taxes

The IRS is very aggressive in collection for past due payroll taxes.
Prior Year Tax Returns

Failure to file your business tax returns may be considered as a criminal act and there are over a hundred different civil penalties.

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