Individual Tax Resolution, Tax Relief, Tax Settlement

With over 37 years of experience, Corey Tax Services is here to help. If you are intimidated by taxes, you are not alone. Many people do not fully understand their taxes or related tax problems. And further, it’s surprising but true, the IRS won’t always tell you about alternative solutions to your tax debt.

Wherever you are in LA, Orange, and Riverside Counties, our firm is well versed in all aspects of individual tax law and can give you expert advice on how to manage your IRS problems. Depending on your income, asset, and debts, we can create a tailor-made plan for handling your tax problems. Our team of competent and friendly tax consultant professionals is here to answer all your questions in the following areas:

Tax Preparation 

Our experts will help with Individual Tax Return form 1040 and Schedule C.
IRS Audits and Appeals

IRS audits are can be nerve-racking; let us help you with the auditor if timely requested in appealing the audit.
Bank Levies / Wage Garnishments

The IRS can issue a bank levy or garnish your paycheck; we may be able to help limit those intrusions.
Tax Liens, Levies, and Property Seizures

The IRS may file a tax lien against your property limiting your options to sell or finance such property and may at some point seize your property to satisfy tax liens.
Installment Agreements

Often the IRS will accept taxes owing over time and will agree to enter into an Installment Agreement to do that. There are benefits and negatives to such Installment Agreements.
Tax Penalties

There are a variety of penalties that the IRS can charge: 100% Penalty, Failure to File, Failure to Pay, Substantial Underpayment, etc. There are ways to help.
Property/Asset Seizures

Seizure of property of assets can have devastating results. We can help!
Unfiled Tax Returns

Failure to file your tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS; get some help Now!
Tax Planning

If contacted timely, we can often help you and your accountant with tax planning.
State Tax Issues

California State tax issues can be just as challenging as federal tax issues; you have similar options with most state tax authorities as you do with the IRS.

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